The Strain

THE STRAIN is a high-concept thriller that tells the story of DR. EPHRAIM GOODWEATHER, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City.

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EP 6 Tainted Love Aired on 08/20/17
Fet and Quinlan must figure out how to get the nuclear bomb back to New York.
Available until 6 September 2017
14A | 41:34
EP 5 Belly of the Beast Aired on 08/13/17
Fet and Quinlan track a convoy carrying their prized nuclear weapon.
Available until 29 August 2017
14A | 48:12
EP 4 New Horizons Aired on 07/30/17
Dutch is forced to make a deal with Desai.
Available until 23 August 2017
14A | 40:14
EP 3 One Shot Aired on 07/30/17
Quinlan and Fet discover that stealing a nuclear warhead isn't easy.
Available until 23 August 2017
14A | 41:50