Somewhere Between

A mother tries to change the fate of her daughter's murder.

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EP 10 One Must Die Aired on 09/17/17
As Laura and Nico discover the reason for the vast conspiracy, they race against the ...
Available until 17 October 2017
14A | 46:06
EP 9 Ghost Aired on 09/11/17
Tom shares his plan to save Serena with Laura, but a double-cross turns deadly, and t...
Available until 10 October 2017
14A | 46:04
EP 8 Destiny's Child Aired on 09/03/17
Laura is betrayed by Tom and learns that Serena is at the TV station and fears her da...
Available until 3 October 2017
14A | 44:44
EP 7 The Fourth Man Aired on 08/28/17
While searching for the fourth man from the tattoo photo, Laura and Nico learn more a...
Available until 27 September 2017
14A | 46:11
EP 6 Madness Aired on 08/22/17
Laura and Nico set out to track down the killer; Nico confronts Danny, who reveals th...
Available until 20 September 2017
14A | 44:35