In a new comedy from Chuck Lorre, Anna Faris plays Christy, a single mom whose newly found sobriety has given her the ability to see her life clearly – and she does not like the view. Now, she must try to untangle years of reckless decisions in order to make a better life for her and her kids.

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EP 15 Night Swimmin and an English Muffin Aired on 02/23/17
Christy worries an emotional fallout could jeopardize Bonnies sobriety.
Available until 19 March 2017
PG | 18:15
EP 14 Roast Chicken and a Funny Story Aired on 02/16/17
When a heartbroken Bonnie drives everyone crazy, Christy begs Adam to take her back.
Available until 12 March 2017
PG | 20:52
EP 13 A Bouncy Castle and an Aneurysm Aired on 02/09/17
Christy worried that Bonnie is jeopardizing her relationship with Adam.
Available until 5 March 2017
PG | 19:17