Disney Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Peck wins at horseshoes, and becomes a bad sport. / When Peck and Toby accidentally lose Sheriff Callie’s gold nugget, Peck makes up a series of lies -- which ultimately backfire.

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EP 23 The Prickly Pair / Crystal Cave Caper Aired on 09/17/14
Toby gets a new 'Prickly Pal'. A strange shadow in the mine spooks Dirty Dan and Dusty.
Available until 30 October 2014
C | 24:02
EP 5 Toby the Cowsitter/Callie's Blue Jay ... Aired on 02/09/14
Toby starts a cow sitting business. Two bird brothers start stealing corn.
Available until 20 November 2014
C | 23:50
EP 3 Sparky’s Lucky Day/ Peck’s Bent Beak Aired on 02/08/14
Callie gives Sparky a 'lucky' scarf. The townsfolk try to avoid a scary-looking wolf.
Available until 13 November 2014
C | 24:01
EP 2 Toby Gets Nosy/ Peck Takes it Back Aired on 02/02/14
Toby gets a bump on his nose before the Town picture. Peck calls Toby a name.
Available until 6 November 2014
C | 24:02