Disney Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Peck wins at horseshoes, and becomes a bad sport. / When Peck and Toby accidentally lose Sheriff Callie’s gold nugget, Peck makes up a series of lies -- which ultimately backfire.

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EP 17 Horsefeathers / My Brother's Sleeper Aired on 08/03/14
Peck & Toby think Clementine is part bird. Dirty Dan & Dusty must race against each other.
Available until 11 September 2014
C | 24:05
EP 20 The Pie Thief / Fool For Gold Aired on 05/16/14
Priscilla eats the bake off pies. Uncle Bun mistakes fool's gold for the real gold.
Available until 4 September 2014
C | 24:02
EP 15 Train Bandits / A Dirty Dusty Apology Aired on 03/02/14
Dirty Dan and Dusty hurt each others' feelings. Train Bandits try to rob a train.
Available until 18 September 2014
C | 24:01
EP 1 Horseshoe Peck/ Callie’s Gold Nugget Aired on 01/25/14
Peck wins and becomes a bad sport. Peck & Toby lose Sheriff Callie’s gold nugget.
Available until 25 September 2014
C | 24:01